Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tradition Is Over-Rated

The moment I decided my Thanksgiving traditions should change occured many years ago, shortly after my wife and I married. We traveled mid-state for some ham and turkey, and to visit with my family. One additional person--my paternal grandmother--was visiting too. It was odd and uncomfortable; we barely knew each other because she was reclusive and sort of selfish with her time.

I think it was one of the first times--if not the first time--my wife had met my grandma.

As we sat around the table, my grandma mentioned a young woman she'd recently met at church. During a conversation they had, the young woman realized the family connection and mentioned she dated me during our junior high school years. I confirmed we had.

It was at that point in the conversation my grandma said:

"I wish you had married that girl."

As my friend Jackie says, it was "a Thanksgiving miracle" moment.

Enjoy the day! And be sure to make your own traditions and memories.

1 comment:

MountainLaurel said...

OMG! Please tell me she had Alzheimer's. Poor Mrs. Geek.

The only thing that mattered is that you and Mrs. Geek don't wish you had married someone else.