Sunday, November 09, 2014


Early reviews for Interstellar have generally been positive, but varied. The Christopher Nolan flick been called "sentimental" and "thrilling", "clunky" and "epic." Like many movies of this scope, Interstellar has its hits and its misses.

Where it doesn't miss? It tells one hell of a story!

Despite its ambition, Interstellar stays focused on the narrative. It doesn't allow special effects -- there are plenty, and they are cool -- or the characters to overshadow the story. The story is told so well the audience can feel the emotional bond between pilot-turned-farmer Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) and Cooper's daughter, Murphy, even though the two have few scenes together after the first act.

Nolan's epic -- and it is an epic -- may be flawed. But those flaws are forgiven.

Interstellar is just that damn good.