Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Afternoon mulling

I've rather enjoyed staying home sick and watching news coverage of Harry Whittington, the guy VP Dick Cheney shot. Most interesting is the language Fox News tends to use when covering the story. All morning they have been saying the VP "hit" or "peppered" Mr. Whittington, rather than use the term "shot."

Speaking of the Bush Administration and it's penchant for totalitarianism, I watched The Island last night. I did not particularly care that NetFlix had it on the pretend-the-movie-has-a-long-wait list. The reviews from critics were all over the place on this movie, so I presumed it was lousy. I presumed wrong.

The movie reminded me a bit of the 70s movie Logan's Run in that it portrayed extreme and inhumane approaches as methods for dealing with societal dilemmas. The movie was much more character driven than I anticipated. The acting was better than I expected, and the theme of the film was strangely disturbing, causing me to think a lot about the movie today. That's always a signal of a good movie to me. Good rental for a Saturday evening. ***


orcsattheg8 said...

I totally agree on the comparison to Logan's Run, which I thought was a great flick. I really liked the movie too. I would suggest the movie Equilibrium in his genre.

pink kitty said...

You are on your way to being a Blog God!!!!

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen the movie and don't wanna. Only you would like that movie.

As for your comment about DC; "peppered" is the word HUNTERS use! Maybe if you hunted you would know that. DC said in his interview that he "shot" him.

The Film Geek said...

Yeah, I guess if I hunted I would know that...(yawn)