Friday, February 24, 2006

...sure plays a mean pinball

I went to pick up a pizza I ordered last night a little early, and had to kill a few minutes before the pie was ready. ( I always feel a little East-Coast-ish when I call pizza a "pie.") So, for ten minutes or so I played Galaga. I hadn't played that game in twenty years, but still had the moves! Most interesting, though, were the memories that playing the stand-alone arcade game caused to flood back to me. Saturday nights at Lunar Landing in my hometown during the early 80s, chucking quarters into huge machines and trying to look cool to impress my girlfriend...sigh

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Hoyt said...

Today's games may have improved graphics, but most of them simply don't capture the magic and fun of the retro games like Galaga. I think it would be cool to own an original Ms. Pac Man tabletop arcade game.