Tuesday, February 14, 2006

TomKat gets de-clawed

My Valentine's Day was going well: I managed to summon up a fair amount of romance, I received a wonderful gift basket from my wife and the kids had fun exchanging cards in school. And then, just a little after dinner, I tuned in to one of the cable news shows where I heard the news that ruined my holiday. Tom and Katie are separating.

Life & Style is reporting Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are breaking up. Using two unnamed friends of Cruise as sources, the ragazine details the sordid mess. Apparently, the two will continue their faux-engagement until after their child is born, then split.

What to do...

The damn story got me thinking, though, about Hollywood romances. The really good ones, the ones that last. Tracy and Hepburn (even though it was a secret affair),DiMaggio and Monroe (even though it ended in divorce, and DiMaggio was never the same after), Madonna and Sean Penn (OK, that one was for fun).

Hell, maybe TomKat's weird relationship ain't so weird after all.


kook said...

Are those the best couples you can come up with? What about Paul Newman and his wife? Or Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgewick? Or better yet...Brittany and Kevin. ha ha had to put that one in there! By the way, Tom Cruise is a freak and Katie is just slow at figuring that out!

The Film Geek said...

I was really just poking a little fun at the often sad and temporary nature of celebrity relationships, and pointing out that TomKat's only the most current in that. But you are right about those few stars who seem to have found their soul mates, (especially the ones you mention). When they occur, it's like magic. Thanks for commenting on some goof's new blog.