Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Aristocrats!

I love Penn and Teller. In fact, I saw them perform live several years ago, and the evening is still one of my favorite memories. But, I'm not a fan of their Showtime program, Bullshit. It seems forced sometimes, and a bit pretentious.

Tonight I watched The Aristocrats, the documentary produced and directed by Penn Jillitte (spelled with a G in some shows, for some reason). The documentary captures over 100 comedians dissecting a decades-old joke which ends in the punch-line "The Aristocrats." The joke is more than blue; it is vile, repulsive and quite funny.

The movie, though, is not. There were very funny moments--Sarah Silverman is a hoot--but frankly the film seemed a bit too inside. I like to look behind the curtain, and I love talking to the carney about how the games are rigged...But not for ninety minutes. I get it, the joke is vulgar, and is so open that it allows each comic to riff. Now, tell me another.

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