Friday, March 17, 2006

Celtic Green and Still Black and Blue

There was pandemonium at my house this morning, when my nine-year-old daughter realized she had nothing green to wear to school. I dismissed her worry, I suppose, and told her to wear something else. St. Patrick's Day, I said, was a silly holiday anyway. She looked at me as if I had suddenly started speaking in tongues. And then let me in on the real worry: "If I don't wear green, Dad, the kids will pinch me."

I suddenly recalled a St. Patty's Day pinchin' of my own. In second grade I was pinched on the arm, by classmate Flavia Corbett, so horribly that it raised a welt and caused a really nasty bruise. I was even wearing green! I hated him for that...

So, I threw a green shirt into the fast cycle of the washer for my daughter, and we arrived to school 10 minutes later than usual.

Stay safe, me lass...Stay safe.

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Anonymous said...

With a name like Flavia you should have kicked his ass!