Thursday, April 13, 2006

Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Set

My mother-in-law was invited to participate as an extra in a pretty dramatic scene for the film We Are...Marshall last week. She was instructed to report first to the wardrobe department to be fitted into clothes from the Brady Bunch era, then head to make-up after that.

When she reported to wardrobe, the following conversation took place:

Wardrobe coordinator: "Follow me, I'll take you over to make-up."

Mother-in-law: "OK. But I was told I needed to report to wardrobe to change into 70's clothing first."

Wardrobe coordinator: "Oh. I thought you had already been fitted."

After a short but awkward pause, my mother-in-law realized the wardrobe guy thought her outfit was already retro. Ouch...

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Anonymous said...

However, she was so excited, she didn't really care!!