Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Selling Your Soul For Fame: Part 1

From PeopleNews:Tom[Kat]says: 'We're Just Scientologists'

Yeah...And it just so happens that you are preparing to release a movie too, in just a few short weeks.

Call me jaded if you like, but if a guy proposes at the Eiffel Tower, tells his love story on Oprah and dispenses psychiatric advice on the Today Show during a flurry of movie press stops, he would be freaky enough to plan his child's birth around the time of his newest movie release.


Kelly said...

Tom can kiss my ass! He needs to experience post partum depression before opening his mouth! What an idiot!

The Film Geek said...

Yep. People with all the answers rarely have many of the problems. That's an old liberal saying, by the way :)