Monday, May 29, 2006

Rumor Has It

Jennifer Aniston's movie Rumor Has It is an average movie with an above-average premise: The Graduate was based partly on fact, and the family members of Aniston's character are central to the story.

Aniston plays Sarah Hattinger, a conflicted and complicated woman who finds herself in a pre-mid-life crisis. Hattinger is frightened, feels alone and is unsure of herself. Searching for life meaning, she stumbles onto the information that The Graduate was based in part on the lives of her grandmother and her mother. This causes her to seek out the film's Benjamin Braddock inspiration, played by Kevin Costner. Costner plays the role with subtle humor and sensitivity, and his is a terrific supporting role.

Rumor Has It-like The Graduate in the 60s-is a film about uncertainty. At it's core, it is about that stage of our lives when many of us pause and ask: "Now what?" The answer to that question puts us on a path toward the rest of our lives. In Hattinger's case, she makes the decision the audience wants, which I thought was the wrong way to end the film. It wasn't authentic, and seemed dishonest. So, average flick to rent when you have little else to choose from. **


jedi jawa said...

I have to agree with you on this movie. I tend to like Jennifer Aniston as an actor. She was great in "Officespace" which was a great movie and she takes some very interesting roles. However, I have to say that I saw "The Break Up" this weekend and thought that it sucked.

Let me clarify, the acting was good and the writting was good, but the movie was not the romantic comedy that I had expected it to be. Instead it was a series of vicious fights that seemed all too real and familiar. I left the theater feeling a bit shell shocked and vulnerable which didn't help when the wife picked a fight on the way to the parking lot (I think it may have had her feeling antsy too). So, I'd say be careful about this one.

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