Friday, June 30, 2006

In This Corner...

You know the bell is about to ring, and these two middle-weights will come out slugging. Place your bets now:

The Challenger:

Vs. The Champion:
Star may have youthful energy, but Barbara is the wiley veteran. It's gonna be a war.


Kelly said...

Not crazy about Star but I think she can take Barbara!

Off Route 75 said...

Barbera, hands down. I'll be she fights dirty, and before star knew it, she'd have her shirt pulled over her head and Barbera's right hook ticklin' her brain!

Anonymous said...

My money is on Star. If she is half as hungry as she looks she is one pissed off lady!

Barbara's only defense would be to call up her old friend Hugh "feed me to the wolves" Downs as a nice appetizer and then run like hell.

Hale said...

My money is on Star as long as she knows not to turn her back on Barbara, even after the bell rings for the end of the round.

Barbara has been known to throw sucker punches in that past.