Friday, July 28, 2006

Discovering Edmond

I'm a huge fan of William H. Macy. And his long-time friend and sometimes-collaborator David Mamet. But, I had not heard of Edmond, released recently in limited areas across the country. Edmond is directed by Stuart Gordon, of Re-Animator fame ( I didn't sleep well for weeks after seeing that movie years ago), and is based on a 20 year-old Mamet play.

For those interested, there is an interesting interview with Macy about Edmond, from Ain't It Cool News. The film looks like a winner, and if it comes anywhere near here (which I doubt) I'll be first in line. That said, if anyone else sees it, I'd appreciate a review.


Kelly said...

OK, totally off the subject...1. Geek, I don't know how to add links or the other thing you mentioned to my blog. Would you like to help? 2. While driving home yesterday from the beach I thought of you...while driving through Yadkin Co. So funny you just wrote about it!

The Film Geek said...

Kelly: Yep, I'll give you a hand. Stop by my office next time you are in town. (I'll be back in town on the 7th.)

Yadkin County...ROFL. Glad you thought of me.