Friday, July 21, 2006

Duck Season!...Rabbit Season!

Looks like there may be some controversy with Little Man, the new movie from the Wayans family. According to some, Little Man may have lifted a little too much from the classic Bugs Bunny cartoon, Baby Bugs Bunny.

Lots of folks have stolen from Bugs...In fact, I play out the Duck! Rabbit...Duck! classic a couple of times each month with my wife and kids. In the basement, in full costume.

Ahem...That's more than enough about me.

I'm taking bets, though, that the 1954 classic from Warner is better than the new Wayans flick. Any takers?


jedi jawa said...

Hey! I remember that episode and he's right, it is the same! I liked the idea of suing the Wayans' to stop making films too.

Would the scene that you play out be the "duck season" ... "rabbit season" bit with Elmer Fudd in the middle?

The Film Geek said...

Jedi: of all the Bugs cartoons, that one is my favorite. While I don't, of course, act it out (Really. I don't. Swear!) with the family, I do on occassion recite dialogue from it when feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Hoyt said...

My favorite, classic Warner's short is One Froggy Evening. I also love Chuck Jones' Duck/Rabbit/Duck trilogy.