Sunday, July 23, 2006

My Super Ex-Girlfriend

After a severe thunderstorm wrecked havoc on our community and caused a power outage at my house for almost a day-and-a-half, I was desperate to watch anything in order to get out of the house and into some air conditioning this weekend.

Hell, I'd have been first in line to see a Sharon Stone movie, if she had one that played in theaters for any length of time these days.

Thankfully, My Super Ex-Girlfriend was playing at the local multi-plex. Cool, refreshing air conditioning, hot buttered popcorn, a cold soda and my bride. Heaven.

The cherry on top was that the movie gave me the opportunity to play my favorite movie- joke on Mrs. Film Geek. I do a variation of it often, just to bug her. I wait until the lights dim, during those few seconds just before the previews start. The audience is silent, waiting in anticipation. In that very quiet moment I lean into my wife and say something about the upcoming movie that is so obvious that it makes me look like a goof. And I say it loud. Really loud, so most everyone can hear.

At this movie--and in my best dumb-guy voice--I said: "Uh...You know, uh...This movie stars Luke Wilson. He's one of them Wilson boys. He's brother to Owen, dat blonde guy from The Wedding Crashers."

It embarrasses her, and makes me chuckle. The rest is gravy.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend was not a bad movie at all. It was funny in all the right spots, had good effects and an interesting, if predictable, plot. Wilson was funny, and Uma Thurman was good in her dual roles of Jenny/G-Girl.

The most interesting aspect of this movie for me, though, was thinking how true this movie would be if it was possible for regular folks (like me, and you) to have super powers. Sure, Superman is full of virtue and handles his life with such dignity. Batman and Spider-man have personal lines they won't cross when apprehending criminals. If I was a super-hero, though, how would my powers effect my insecurities? Would petty jealousy cause me to use them to lash out at someone? Would I use my power to improve my finances, or to get a date with the hottest woman in town? My Super Ex makes you ponder these questions, I think, because the characters play so normal in the movie, even when they obviously are not.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend is pretty funny, with an interesting plot and a good story. I recommend it, especially if you need A/C and some refreshingly cool soda.


jedi jawa said...

Uma! Uma! Uma!

Anonymous said...

You are already married to the hottest woman in town, so you would not need to use your powers for that one.