Saturday, July 29, 2006

Rumors Of Iron Man

Iron Man, The Musical, er...The Movie, I mean, has been in pre-production and semi-production and stalled-production for quite some time. For whatever reason, the flick just can't seem to get off the ground.

Last week at the Comic-Con, a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-guy-who-reads-comics overheard someone say that Tom Cruise will star as billionaire super-hero Tony Stark. The Internet went abuzz, and Cruise fans went ga-ga.

Ain't gonna happen, folks. First, the whole iron suit thing is too confining for the heart-throb. It wouldn't show off his pearly whites and always-perfect hair. Secondly--and most important--Iron Man sucks. He is a second tier hero, below even Daredevil and Electra.


primalscreamx said...

So... not Cruise. Probably David Schwimmer?

The Film Geek said...

You know, Schwimmer may be a great cast for this movie. He looks the part, and is most likely a B list actor who wouldn't be expected to carry the movie to big bucks. I like it.

Off Route 75 said...

Plus,Iron Man is a government sell-out.

Ian C. said...

I agree, Iron Man is a second-tier hero, at best. Yet for some reason, I've always thought he'd be the best superhero to adapt into a movie.

Why? Well, if any of us decided to fight crime, wouldn't we feel better doing it while wearing a weapon of mass destruction/suit of armor?