Sunday, July 09, 2006

X-Men: The Last Stand

Despite my offer to see The Devil Wears Prada or Speed 3 with Keanue Reeves and Sandra Bullock (yeah, I know it's really called The Lake House. But, faced with an opportunity to rag on Keanue Reeves, what would you do? What... would... you... do...?), Ms. Film Geek insisted on seeing X-Men: The Last Stand.

I've read X-Men comics since I was a kid, and really enjoyed the first two movies in this series. So, I looked forward to The Last Stand, particularly because it introduces one of my favorite characters, Hank "The Beast" McCoy. As it turns out, The Beast was about the only thing I did like about the movie. While the action scenes were great, the plot lacked depth and the acting seemed phoned in. Even though I was initially excited to see this movie, mid-way in I became bored.

I also found myself obsessed with this realization:

Hank "The Beast" McCoy and I share the same hair-style.

It's sad, but true...


Anonymous said...

Back from vacation with a much to tell us....hummmm So glad you are back. My kids want to see the new X-men movie and to be honest....I do to. I just recently watched the first two and to my surprise liked them both. Never....ever thought I would but I did find myself very entertained. It is really hard for me to believe the third one would be a boring film....but I might just have to check this one out for myself.

The Film Geek said...

Hiya Anonymous. I'm never sure if I have a lot to report, or just some things I need to purge from my mind. I'm in purge mode right now after a weeklong vacation.

I also loved the first two X-Men movies, which is probably why I was so disappointed with this one. But I hope you enjoy it...maybe my expectatins were just too high.

jedi jawa said...

So you're saying that you have blue hair? Gnarly!

I can see what you're saying about the way that they did this last film. It had an odd feel to it but I was just waiting for the parts where nearly naked Mystique and hot mamma Jean Grey (the older one...not the kid) were on screen. There were plenty of those to get me though it.

So, let me ask you this ... did you stay through the credits? If you did there was a suprise scene tacked onto the end. I love it when movies do that shit because I tend to stay to hear the closing credits as I'm a movie soundtrack geek (doesn't have the same ring as "Film Geek" does it). "Pirates of the Caribbean 2" and "Over the Hedge" did the same thing as have many other interesting films like "The Matrix: Reloaded".

If you didn't stay I'll tell you what it was if you really want to know.

The Film Geek said...

Jedi: Not blue, but sure close in style. While his style is due to a genetic mutation, mine is by choice. Go figure...

I did not stay through the credits. Please, tell!

jedi jawa said...

I don't know...if I tell then it will be a big SPOILER to those who haven't seen the film yet.

Promise that you'll give my sister a hard time when you see her next and I'll figure out a way to tell you about the neat little bit at the end. It was cool.

Jackie Lantern said...

That's too funny.
Myself I had the "Wolverine" in high school, the "Sabretooth" in my twenties, and now thanks to bad genes, stress, or a combination of both I'm stuck with the "Professor Xavier".

Ian C. said...

Yes, the scene at the end of the credits was pretty cool.

And I think we wuz robbed because Bryan Singer should've directed this, and I would've loved to see where he took these characters and the Dark Phoenix storyline.