Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Yadkinized, The Mystery Hole And Sweatin' In Yawkey

I spent most of the day driving.

I really enjoy traveling about in my home state of West Virginia, and through the Appalachian Mountains in general. My job allows me to travel pretty freely across the region, so I get to experience a lot of differing cultures, interesting people and (sometimes) unusual places.

And occasionally, something that occurred in my travels has a pervasive impact on my life. Take being yadkinized, for example.

Way back in 1995 some co-workers and I were traveling to a conference of some type that was to be held in southern North Carolina. My then-boss, who was driving, was complaining that the CEO of our company had instructed him to put together--bear with me, cause this is pretty lame--a company bell choir for the agency's holiday party. My then-boss was really grumbling about it, and I was half-listening from the backseat.

Then, just as we crossed into Yadkin County, North Carolina, he said:

"Film Geek [well, you know what I mean] I'm passing the bell choir off to you. Put the thing together, and let me know when you get it done."

I had just been yadkinized. Defined as: When one is assigned a job or task by another because (1) the person originally assigned the task doesn't want to do it, and (2) that person has the authority to make you do it instead.

I didn't do the bell choir, and hoped it would be forgotten about. It was. It wasn't the last time I'd be yadkinized, though. Not by a long shot.

One of my favorite places in south-central West Virginia is The Mystery Hole. I haven't' been there in years, but I used to love this place. It amazes, frightens and confuses, all at once. And you can get a cool T-shirt afterwards.

I was able to drive through the south-western portion of the state for the first time in years today. I really enjoyed the scenery, and the traffic was so low that I was able to take my time and really roll through the hills. Until Yawkey,West Virginia, when my air conditioning went out. 93 degrees is a hot drive, even in the hills, so I was really sweating by the time I got to Hamlin. So tomorrow, I have to take my car to be serviced, and get the a/c fixed.

I'm not sure when I'll be able to do it, cause my schedule is so full. Wonder if I can yadkinize Mrs. Film Geek...


Cara said...

If I recall correctly...you did your share of yadkinizing people yourself! I'm fairly sure I was the victim atleast a few times. Speaking of working in rural places...I had to do a health fair today at the 4-H Camp in Jane Lew. I spent the day in a huge barn with cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, rabbits, goats and one huge ass ox! I will send photos tomorrow. As you can imagine, this was NOT my favorite day of work.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Film Geek shall never be Yadkinized, especially by the Film Geek.

The Film Geek said...

Cara: you should be used to working alongside big ass oxes! (Or, is it oxen. I need to consult my King James.)

Anonymous: Yes, dear! :)

Off Route 75 said...

The CEO's memory ain't too good, to be honest....but it would've been funny to see you with your white gloves and bell doing "Ave Maria."

The Yadkinizer, in this case, likes to pass everything off to everyone else....except the credit. That way, he/she can take the credit to the weekly soccer games in Charleston. Bastard.

Happy Valentine's Day for him, I guess.

(*inside joke, sorry everybody else but Film Geek)