Saturday, August 19, 2006

Dan Akroyd: Unplugged On UFOs

There were lots of reasons to not write about my viewing of Dan Akroyd: Unplugged On UFOs. First, and most obvious, is that the flick is about, well, whether or not aliens are making Earth their own private, all-inclusive vacation resort.

And that just seems kinda goofy, huh?

Secondly, UFOlogist (go ahead, giggle) and host David Sereda presents the documentary as an in depth, intelligent discussion with Dan Akroyd.

You remember: Fred Garvin, Male Prostitute.

Now, Akroyd is no modern day Einstein (would a modern day Einstein be called a Hawking?), but he does have a long-held reputation for being a walking encyclopedia of all-things-alien. The guy is the Rain Man of X-Files-ish occurrences. The actor who made the Bass-O-Matic famous is actually quite intelligent, and deeply interested in the mysteries of space, physics, aliens and the conspiracies that connect them.

So, I watched it. I've always liked Akroyd, anyway. I feel a kinship with him, in fact. I get his sense of humor, and I've been told for years that I look like him. I think people mean the Akroyd of The Blues Brothers and Spies Like Us, and not the Akroyd of Driving Miss Daisy. But, I could be wrong...

Anyway, back to Dan Akroyd: Unplugged On UFOs. . .

The documentary is surprisingly serious, makes good use of video from the last five years or so to show interesting objects that can't be identified, and presents the information in a way that doesn't seem too kooky. In fact, when you hear Akroyd tell it, the theories seem to kinda make sense.


If you like this sort of stuff (which I do) you'll probably enjoy this documentary. If you believe this sort of stuff (which I don't) you'll love it.

May the Bass-O-Matic be with you.


Hoyt said...

I'm intrigued. And it has to be better use of time than watching Peter Jackson's King Kong, right?

The Film Geek said...

Hoyt: Without a doubt, it was more entertaining than the giant gorilla. :)

Don't let me mislead you in anyway...this is a really serious documentary about UFOs that just happen to be in an interview format with Akroyd. Not a joke or laugh in the whol 85 or so minutes. But, interesting.

jedi jawa said...

Film Geek, you've been into watching a lot of documentaries lately in addition to your horror film spree. Let me suggest one that I saw recently (from the Akron public library) that you and the missus might both like. "Inside Deep Throat"

Nope, not the Deep Throat from Watergate (though I am currently listening to Bob Woodward's book on that) but the porn movie that changed the industry. Okay, it's not so much about kinky stuff as it is about the trials, Harry Reems converting to a conservative Christian, cultural study and information behind the phenomenon it created, and a slew of interesting bonus features. Might be something different (and I'd love to see you review this one...I bet you'd get some interesting reactions).

The Film Geek said...

Hey Jedi, is this the film made by Ron Howard's production team? If so, it is on my to see list.

jedi jawa said...

Yeah, that's the one. It really was good as much from a sociological perspective as anything else. One that I missed last year that I wanted to see was "The Notorious Bettie Page". I'll have to troll the library looking for that one. Hopefully I'll be checking out when some incredibly prudish person is standing behind me and it will be like that scene in "Clerks" where Randal is re-ordering the porn videos in front of the woman and her kid.