Sunday, August 06, 2006

I'm Writing A Letter To Santa, Too

Years ago, when the new TV season was upon us, the networks used to run a prime-time special featuring clips of each new series in hopes of building viewer interest. My personal favorite sort of preview show was the one for Saturday morning cartoons, like Dick Clark used to do for ABC. Popcorn, ice-cold soda, and previews of Super Friends.


Back in the day this technique was a great way to create public interest. In our current tech-savvy age, though, not so much. TV networks fight hundreds of cable channels for viewership, and compete with other forms of media entertainment like the Internet (you should check it out, sometime, it's way cool).

ABC, according to this article, is starting it's promotion of the upcoming season for uber-hit Lost in an interesting way. Teaming with USA Today, the shows cast will answer selected questions from fans. Email 'em, and they may answer, or so it reads.

I'm a serious fan of Lost. But I don't want to have answers to questions about the island, the story or how the characters intersect, at least not just yet. I like the current pace of the show. Nope, the questions I'd most like to ask the Lost cast are:

How will it be possible to use Malcolm David Kelly (Walt) in future seasons, considering the teen has grown about 12" taller in real life during the past three years? The time on the island for the Lost-ers has only been a short few months, after all.

Are different dogs sometimes used to play Vincent, Walt's yellow lab? Sometimes Vincent looks kinda chubby, and other times he looks sorta sleek.

Will the writers continue to reduce Sawyer to a caricature of the con man's original personality? Sure, his glib one-liners are funny and all, but what I loved about this character was how complicated and dark he was. Glib is cute once in a while. It's rarely interesting.

Which brings me to my final question:

Jack or Sawyer? Which, and why?


Hoyt said...

Jack or Sawyer is a tough call. I need a few more episodes to decide. 8)

Anonymous said...

For the love of all that is holy, Sawyer. I wouldn't mind being lost with that.

The Film Geek said...

Thanks, Mom...although Dad and I may think that is too much information!

jedi jawa said...

I've heard a lot of people that I work with talk about how the pace of "Lost" isn't good enough for them and how they had better get their answers sooner or they'll stop watching. I try to express how that is bullshit because it would ruin the show to have all the answers up front but some people just don't seem to get what it is that makes the show good. It wouldn't be interesting if they did it the traditional way now would it?