Saturday, August 12, 2006

Local News Is Funny

No matter where you live, local news always comes across as pretty goofy. But local news in West Virginia always seems a bit over-the-top. For example: at Christmas-time 2002, during the year I lived out-of-state in Iowa, my new friends enjoyed ribbing me about the West Virginian arrested when found having sex with a sheep, which was being used as a prop at a live nativity scene.

So it's hardly a surprise when I read a story in the Gazette that reports:

A St. Albans (WV) area man was arrested on Friday after he allegedly told police he grew his own marijuana because it costs too much to buy, court records show. He then led the troopers over a hill behind the home where plants worth $6,000 were growing, police wrote in the complaint.

A felony. Offered up on a platter. Montani semper liberi!

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