Sunday, August 13, 2006

Whatever Happened To...Dianne Kay

While watching Failure To Launch with my wife, Mrs. Film Geek suddenly bolted upright, exclaiming: "Hey! That's the Eight Is Enough house." Sure enough, the exterior shot of the house where Matthew McConaughey's parents lived did seem to be the large, white, two story home used in the 1977-1981 hit ABC TV show.

How she stopped looking at McConaughey long enough to recognize the house is still a mystery...

But the reference reminded me of my favorite Bradford, Nancy, played by Dianne Kay. Nancy's sisters all had interesting personality traits: Mary was smart, Susan was quirky and Elizabeth seemed mature and insightful for her age. But Nancy had the whole package. She was smarter than you thought, perky, sensitive and cute.The perfect combination to be the object of a crush by a 12-year-old goofball kid.

Since Eight Is Enough left the air, Dianne Kay (second from left in the picture) has worked sporadically in television. She guested on shows like Fantasy Island, The Love Boat and Murder, She Wrote. She did one unsuccessful pilot, titled Once A Hero.

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