Sunday, September 24, 2006

Eight Below

Lots of rain over the weekend kept us inside. So we spent it old-school: blogging, watching DVDs, doing work-related research on the Internet and catching up on some old music via my Sirius satellite radio--you know, real old-fashioned, family values stuff.

One movie playing in the Film Geek's house this weekend was
Eight Below. My ten-year-old daughter, Maddisen, loved the movie, and highly recommends it.

Here is her review, prompted by my questions:

Eight Below stars dogs as well as humans. Which--dogs or humans--were the better actors?

Humans, I guess. That's a silly question.

Which dog was your favorite, and why?

Mya, she was the lead dog and always moved forward.

Which human actor was your favorite, and why?

I don't know, they were all good.

At any time during the movie, does actor Paul Walker drive a car really, really fast?

Yes. Why?

Dogs get stranded in the arctic and must wait for humans to save them. Do all dogs get saved, or do some die? If some do, which ones?

Two dogs die, Huey, and Jack.

Did you cry?


Some say your Daddy is more handsome than actor Bruce Greenwood. Do you agree?

I'm not answering this question.

Which movie was Bruce Greenwood better in: Racing Stripes, or Eight Below?

I don't know which guy he is.

Should people see Eight Below? Why?

Yes! Because it's a very good movie.


jedi jawa said...

Which movie would you be more willing to saw your arm off with a dull butter knife to avoid seeing: "Racing Stripes" or "Eight Below"?

What? Is that some sort of trick question? If I give up both arms can I avoid them both?

Maddisen said...

Daddy, Daddy...The man talking like a pirate is scaring me!!

Anonymous said...

She's well on her way to her own movie review blog.
I've never heard of either of those movies.

Ian C. said...

I'm with Maddisen. This is a good movie!

I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Sure, it touched some of the "Disney notes," but it's such a compelling story and really does tug on your heart - even if you try to fight it.