Friday, September 01, 2006

Good Idea / Bad Idea: Part 2

Most folks who stop by here probably know I'm not a fan of our current President. This President (the phrase used during spin-chats these days which, depending upon the type of inflection used, clues in the listener as to whether the speaker is a fan of The Prez or not) just ain't my cup of tea.

Still, I find myself a bit alarmed upon reading that a British TV network will air a fictional documentary about the assassination of W.

According to this article in USA Today, This President's assassination will be the main plot of Death Of A President, which will focus on those involved--the anti-war protesters, the Secret Service agents who try and protect The Man and those suspected of being involved with the assassination.

I'm hardly a fan of censorship, and I don't think art should be limited. My question is, though: Does this idea push (or cross) the boundaries of good taste? Is it a good idea, or a bad one?


Kelly said...

Bad taste. As a fan of W, it is disgusting. But I would have said the same if it were about Clinton and he was still in office. I wonder what the English would say if it were an assassination of one of the Royal family.

jedi jawa said...

Wow...I think that this is a first in my short time as a blogger. I agree with Kelly (but not about being a fan of "the current president"). :-)

While it might be in bad taste I'd give it the green light from a free speech POV so long as the work is advocating some viewpoint rather than simply seeking to incite violence (applying 1st Amendment princples). While I wouldn't watch it, I'm not going to support censoring it.

In another sense, I suppose what separates this film from "In the Line of Fire" is that we're talking about specific people and policies. This isn't the first film about presidential assassination but most don't get specific with the current officeholder. I suppose it depends on how it is done and whether it borders on sedition or a threat...most likely it doesn't.