Thursday, September 28, 2006

Out Of The Great Northwest...

Somewhere in Los Angeles, circa 1976, I'm certain the following television-show pitch took place:

Krofft producer:" You've gotta love this idea. We got a winner here, guys."

ABC Executive: "Let me see if I understand you so far. Bigfoot kidnaps a kid..."

Krofft: "No, no. Not kidnaps. The kid is lost in the forests of the Pacific Northwest. Bigfoot finds him, and takes him in."

ABC: "Sort of a foster father, then?"

Krofft: "Sort of. Nice lava lamp, by the way."

ABC: "Gift from Don Ho. Anyway, the kid and Bigfoot fight crime. Yes?"

Krofft: "Mostly, yes. They fight poachers, take on guys hurting the environment, stuff like that."

ABC: [stroking chin] "We do have that Bigfoot costume from that Six Million Dollar Man episode, the one where Bigfoot is an alien robot. Is this Bigfoot an alien robot?"

Krofft: "No."

ABC: "Too bad. Go on."

Krofft: "I'm sorry?"

ABC: "Go on. I want to hear more."

Krofft: "That's the show. It's called
Bigfoot And Wildboy, and it will star Joseph Butcher and Ray Young. No cartoons, just a lot of action, and a little supernatural stuff from time to time."

ABC: "Well, why didn't you say so in the first place? Deal! Let's get it on the air."

Bigfoot and Wildboy was a great show, and was on Saturdays for two years. Ray Young, who played "Bigfoot", worked in TV for years before passing away in 1999. "Wildboy" Joseph Butcher did a couple episodes of The Waltons and Knotts Landing, then went into real estate (or so the legend says).

If you were a fan, take a long look at the show link. The page has episode breakdowns, and lots of cast information.

Here is a youtube video of the opening theme.

What can I say...? I warned ya, I'm a geek.


bionic bigfoot.. said...

Im glad somebody FINALLY made a connection between the six million dollar man and BAWB!

Anonymous said...

I regret I am too young to remember the Krofft shows.
Ever seen the Mr. Show sketch "Drugachusettes"?

The Film Geek said...

Yeah, was almost like a spin-off, huh?

Josh, nope. Don't recall that one.

Anonymous said...

My husband really is a geek.