Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Post-Labor Day Musings

It's Wednesday already!?!

Three day weekends mess with my head...

Something Diff'rent Strokes-ish seems to be happening over on the set of Lost.
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, who plays Mr. Eko, was recently arrested for what appears to be some minor traffic violations and disobeying a police officer. Considering the arrests of the actors who portrayed Anna Lucia and Libby (may they rest in peace) for DUI, why the Lost producers have not hired drivers for these actors may be the greatest mystery of all. Somewhere, Todd Bridges is having a nice chuckle.

I'm not a fan of major news productions, nor Katie Couric. But, Couric deserves some props for becoming the first woman to anchor the network news solo. Fact is, it's sort of embarrassing (to me, at least) that America had to wait until: (1) 2006, and (2) a period of time when network news has become irrelevant, to finally reach that gender milestone.

And the comment I heard most today, about her initial, first-night performance? "She wore white after Labor Day."

Pathetic. (Not that she wore white, but rather that our society thinks... that is an OK criticism...nevermind.)

Sure, she's cute and all, but...Was it really worth the wait? And the obsession? At least she isn't wearing white after Labor Day.


jedi jawa said...

I'm glad that you blogged about maybe I won't have to. I can't stand Couric and what she represents in modern journalism. She's cute and all, but that is her draw...she makes the news even more irrelevant by being what I call a "news fluffer" (and I extrapolate that term from the porn industry). I saw her enough on Today to see that her style of "interviewing" is more about letting her talk and soft peddal the news rather than just reporting it as it is. I'm not saying that women can't be great reporters. I've liked other journalists who are women ... I just apply the term journalist losely when talking about Couric.

Okay, flame me. That's just how I feel. Prove me wrong if you want, or can. I've seen enough of Couric's "fake interviews" to wonder if she'll do any better in the serious news slot or if she'll just bring it down to a new low?

Oh yeah, that that baby looks like a freak! Is it wearing a hairpiece?

The Film Geek said...

The baby's hair does look odd...hmmm.

Jedi, the point of my comment wasn't about Couric as a professional but how our society has devalued women in the professional workplace. Finally, when a woman does get to the plate, she is criticized for what she is wearing.

Someone, please tell me what color tie or style of suit Dan Rather was wearing on his last day at CBS. Please!

That said, the reason I say in my post that I'm not a fan our Couric is, as you say, her style is fluff. Less substance than I like, and what I think news should be. We agree on that completely.

JDB said...

As to jawa's critique of Couric - how does that make her different from any of the other news readers out there?

As to Mr. Eko - I forsee bad things in his future!

jedi jawa said...

Oh yeah...I agreed with your point Film Geek. I'm a feminist at heart along with the rest of my civil rights background. I guess I sort of blew by that in my rush to vent on Couric and her part as an institutional problem of a different calliber. As for how Couric is different from other news readers I guess that they try to pass her off as some serious journalist when it seems to me that her pressence is meant to attract women to watch whatever show that she is on...hence she has an agenda in how she presents the news (I'm not saying left or right...I'm saying an idiot/fluff agenda). Perhaps it isn't Couric's fault but the fault of those people who throw money at her to do what she does. I suppose that this does sort of tie right back into Film Geek's original point. Am I redeemed? :-)

Jackie Lantern said...

1. I volunteer to drive Kate. Anywhere.

2. Whaaaa?!?! Katie Couric may have been cute 20 years ago but now she's staggering hunch-backed into Haggardville. If they want people to watch they need a real news-babe, like Laurie Dhue, or dare I say it...Jessica Ralston! I haven't watched the 6:30PM news for years anyhow, so my opinion is not only shallow, it's meaningless.

3. ........

The Film Geek said...

Lauri my head, I said that with the same inflection and as Homer Simpson says: "donuts."