Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Benchwarmers

"Don't rent it on pay-per-view, you'll be disappointed," I was warned by my wife as I clicked on the cable option. "It'll be stupid, and you'll lose interest half-way through."

But I was bored.

Really bored. The kids were in bed, I had nothing to read and Mrs. Film Geek was catching up on work she's missed this week while we hung out at the hospital. Even the WV Blogger Message Board was pretty dark.

The Benchwarmers seemed like a decent option.

Rob Schneider, Jon Heder and David Spade play losers who get tired of seeing kids bullied, so along with Jon Lovitz they stage a Round Robin Baseball Tournament to promote cooperation, and the acceptance of geeks and nerds everywhere. I like Schneider (does anyone remember his "Makin' Copies Guy" from SNL?), I'm a huge fan of Lovitz and the Napoleon Dynamite guy made me laugh.

So, I clicked "Buy" on the remote control.

I am obligated by marital contract to announce publicly: "She was right. I was wrong."

I loved Revenge Of The Nerds. And, The Bad News Bears. The Benchwarmers tries to be both of those, and fails. Skip it, and go hit some balls with your kid instead.


Joshua Perdue said...

Though I haven't seen it, you must've been pretty hard up for some entertainment to watch that movie.

Stanton said...

You're a smart guy, Film Geek. There's no way you didn't know it was going to be that bad. Sounds like a cry for help to me.

If you're ever in a jam like that again let me know and I'll send you my VHS copy of "Waterboy". I won it as a door prize and it's still in the shrink wrap. I hope I am never desperate enough to open it.

The Film Geek said...

It's kinda like a DQ dog in Ripley or some far away town, Stanton...sometimes the flicks just call my name. I don't know ahead of time if they are good or bad, although my hunch is usually right.

Yeah, I didn't care for The Waterboy either.

Kelly said...

Usually after watching a movie, my husband and I will get a few lines from a movie and use them non stop (he more than me). I wasn't crazy about this movie but found The Waterboy more enjoyable. For example, the only line out of Benchwarmers we use is "Beefstew". Now, the Waterboy has many more lines. "You can do it, all night long", "Now that is some high quality H2O", "open a can of whoop ass", "fooseball is the devil". I could go on, but I fear to bore others! : )

I agree, Benchwarmers was bad, very bad!