Thursday, October 05, 2006

Close, But No Cigar

The Hollywood hype was neat: McConaughey looked freaky-yet-cool, McG seemed to maintain his genuine admiration for our town and it's story, and ESPN commentator Lou Holtz was respectful on-air of the football program.

What a night!!

Oh, yeah, except MU lost.


Central Florida showed an urgency that Marshall didn't at the end, and a passing attack The Herd couldn't stop during the final seconds..

Too bad. I was kinda hoping for a Hollywood-style ending.


oncee said...

Me too. This has to be the wrost season since the 80s.

Charles said...

There's just no denying the fact that all the movie hoopla is a distraction for the players and coaches. How can a team really be in the right mindset when they are led onto the field, not by their coach or star player, but by The Sexiest Man Alive? Football at this level takes unbelievable committment and focus 24/7. Any distraction can be disastrous.

The movie will be a good thing for Marshall football ultimately, but I'm afraid this season is the sacrifice for the future gain.

Stitching Barbie Girl said...

It was so cool to see Mr. Sexy himself on the sidelines.

I was disappointed that they lost but it seemed to be a really good game.

jedi jawa said...

I was going to ask whether they were having a rougher season than they should be and if any of you Herdies could tell me why. I barely follow WVU football so I don't really know a lot about what is happening in collegiate sports.

Is there a chance that they can come out of this season with a few more wins? Have they passed the point where a winning season is possible? I don't know what their schedule is like so that's why I'm asking (i.e. don't hurt me Kelly). :-)

The Film Geek said...

Jedi: Of their 4 loses, they have played two teams in the top 15 (including the Mountaineers), and Kansas State. Most folks thought 1-3 was a pretty sure start. This loss, though, changes things a lot.

Charles: An astute observation, and you may be very much spot on.

Barbie: He sure is pretty, eh?

Kelly said...

Jedi, I don't know. I thought this game was a winner for sure. The way it is going now, I just want to win a game, any game! I have pics of hottie that I will post on my blog later. And yes, geek, he sure is pretty!

Anonymous said...

The Hollywood ending would have been nice. *sigh*