Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Please, Make It Stop: Part 9

I've been sitting at my computer for a short while, trying to come up with a phrase for just how stupid and self serving The Juice seems to be. And I can't. After reading about his latest venture in this report, I may be stuck in permanent writer's-block-mode.

It seems O.J. is gonna write a book that will include a chapter, at least, describing how (hypothetically) he would have killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman back in the day. I mean, if he had actually done it, of course...

The book's gonna be titled: If I Did It.

Sam Mircovich, AP
How can someone do this in a courtroom, then years later publish a wink and a nod to folks who will rush out to buy his book simply because they have to know. Desperately.

'Cause we're suckers. And O.J. knows it.

I hope people don't buy the book. I'm pretty sure, though, it will be a best seller...

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Barbie Girl said...

I think you make this stuff up.

It should be called the glove fits.