Sunday, November 12, 2006

Notes To Self

I try hard to not throw stones.

Mostly, that's because I've made a helluva lot of mistakes myownself. I mean, a lot. You chuck enough rocks at folks, some are gonna get thrown back.

And rocks hurt. Bad.

Instead, I try to learn from the mistakes of others, in order to limit my own. For example:

Note To Self: Should I ever be a high-wire-walkin' rock and roller shown the door while in my prime, yet be invited back to the party years later by nostalgic fans willing to forgive, it's not a great idea to cancel gigs 'cause some city has an ordinance against drinking alcohol on stage. Drink before and after, but play the gig.

Note To Self: If the car isn't mine, don't take it. If the car isn't mine, don't take it. If the car isn't mine, don't take it. If the car isn't mine, don't take it.

(No matter how good an idea it seems at the time.)

Note To Self: No matter how cute any girlfriend-of-the-future may be: if, during our first date, she tells me she was once married for 55 hours before divorcing, pay for the drinks and walk away.


Note To Self: Should I ever find myself on the run from the police (you never know, it could happen), keep moving forward, and stay in open places as much as possible. Do not--I repeat, do not!--barricade myself in a D-list motel chain room that has poor ventilation and no possibility for escape.


Joshua Perdue said...

Boy, Axl Rose. Just go to hell already.

Barbie Girl said...

hahahahahah! I'm laughing too hard to even form a thought.

The D-List motel pic for some reason reminds me of Bates Motel. 12 rooms, 12 vacancies.

Jackie Lantern said...

I think GNR made the right decision. How in the hell do you expect the great Tommy Stinson to perform his bass duties sober? It's Tommy "Freakin" Stinson!!!

There's too much other stuff in this post to comment on, so I'm stopping at one :)