Sunday, November 19, 2006

Pink: It's The Color Of Passion

It started as some guy's idea to raise awareness of breast cancer. Quickly, it turned into an ordeal that divided and embarrassed the town. (Photo by: Louis Brems/The Herald-Dispatch.)

From start (The Painter simply started painting city property without asking permission) to finish (people continue to harass and insult the guy, and vandalize his efforts) this story is an example of how petty and self-involved we humans tend to be.

Oh yeah, ...October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But, I suppose, because of the bridge painting controversy and extended paint-time necessary to complete the job, Huntington gets two months of awareness for the price of one.


Kelly said...

I thought pink was your favorite color?

The Film Geek said...

HA! It is, Kelly, and I'm happy you remembered how I took to that Aeorosmith tune (that this title is from, too).

Jackie Lantern said...

Here I go again:
This guy painted a stone bridge pink. Who in the hell is going to pay for the maintenence on it? You don't just paint something like that and walk away.It's going to take alot of upkeep. That's why things like that aren't painted to begin with.

Just an aside, I'm color blind as hell and even I can tell that looks...odd.

The Film Geek said...

Hey Jackie: I agree with you 100%. I could not believe it when I saw that some guy just walked up to the bridge and started paintin'. That said, the hub-bub that has gone on back and forth since has been very strange...

Route 75 said...

What's going to happen when other people start to paint other bridges in town?

What happens if some skinhead paints it white for "Nordic Heritage Month" or something dumb like that?

Is Felinton going to say "no" or will he allow it?

This is why I hate Huntington. The whole city government blows.

The bridge should never have been painted. Ever.

Not because of what the color represents, of course, but because it leaves things open for future "bridge paintings."

Besides, the goof was from Barboursville. Why the hell didn't he paint one of their bridges?

Freakin' goof.