Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Robert Altman

According to the AP, Robert Altman, the legendary film director, has died at age 81.

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My favorite Altman film is M*A*S*H. Most message movies tend to lose poignancy after a few years, but I though M*A*S*H stayed relevant.

What was your favorite Altman flick?


Ian C. said...

Just got done discussing this very subject with my friend over the phone.

My pick is Short Cuts. I love Raymond Carver's short stories, and Altman did a wonderful job of adapting them into film. Plus, I think it's really difficult to pull off a film anthology. But Altman excels at that sort of thing.

Second choice: The Player.

Altman film I haven't seen, but need to: Nashville.

JDB said...

I'll blend what you and Ian said and say MASH and The Player. I, too, need to put Nashville in my Netflix queue.

Jackie Lantern said...

M*A*S*H......and M*A*S*H.
Best onscreen football game this side of "The Longest Yard.

The book is badass too, but Altman made it his own :)

Donutbuzz said...

Like Ian, I also loved Short Cuts.