Sunday, December 31, 2006

Dreamer: Inspired By A True Story

Dreamer, starring Kurt Russell and Dakota Fanning, is based upon the true story of Mariah's Storm. About a decade ago race horse Mariah's Storm broker her leg, and it was presumed her racing career was done. The leg healed--against incredible odds--and she resumed racing. She even won some big-time races.

You can never count out the heart of a champion, even if the champion is a horse.

Dreamer tells the story of Cale Cole, the daughter of Russell's character, Ben Crane. Ben is a down-and-out former horse farm owner who now trains horses for other people. He's lost almost everything, selling off bits of his land in order to make ends meet. In the process, he's lost a large part of himself. His pride, his focus.

Even his interest in his family.

Even though Cale is young, she recognizes that her father needs something in which to believe. Something that will turn his life back around, and help him regain his confidence. She finds that something in Sonadora, a race horse with a fractured leg. The Cole's take Sonadora in, help her heal and discover she is well enough to race again. The horse overcomes significant odds because she is a champion.

Like Ben Cole.

Dreamer is a wonderful flick. It's tagged a "family movie," and it is a fine movie to see with the kids. But, it stands alone simply as a terrific movie, regardless of genre. Fanning is great, and Russell--as usual--turns in a complete performance.

I think you'll like it.

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