Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Preparing For The Premiere: Part Two

I trekked downtown to check out the shindigs and goings-on for the We Are Marshall flick, which premiers tonight in Huntington.

My first encounter was with a WOWK reporter, where this embarrassing exchange took place:

Me: "Hi. Looks like you guys are settin' up. Can I take your picture?"

Her: [enthusiastic and interested] "Yeah, sure. Who are you with?"

Me: [confused] "I'm sorry?"

Her: "Who are you with?"

Me: "Uh... I'm not with anyone. This is just for, ummm, my own, you know, my own... uh. It's for my own personal blog."

Her: [no longer enthused] "Oh..."

The green carpet looks pretty cool.

I expect later tonight 4th Avenue will be lit up with floodlights to show off the bling--not the bling of the stars, but the bling of the Huntingtonians who shelled out as much as $1,000 per ticket to hang for the evening with Hollywood.

If you spend a grand per ticket for one evening of fun, you gotta bring out the bling.

A big-screen has been set up to show off the festivities. It's two way, meaning that folks standing on the backside of the screen can see the images as well.

I hope they have some close-ups of Mathew McConaughey!!

As I left 4th Avenue, I overheard workers setting up the bleachers commenting that the number of bleacher seats has been reduced from 1,000 to about 600.

Looks like I may not get as close to the bling tonight as I'd hoped.

Update: Word on the street--and on the local radio, and in some shops downtown--is that Matthew McConaughey invited George Clooney, Lance Armstrong and Oprah (damn it!) to tonight's premier, and they are in town. I can't confirm any of that, but it's a really strong rumor around town.


Kelly said...

I hope you had a good time. Damon went to the premiere with his mom. He didn't get to walk down the green carpet but hopefully got to meet the stars. I was going to hang out with Cara at the Fredrick but instead I had to go to Logan. What a tradeoff! LOL

The Goddezzz Fontezzz said...

So - HOW WAS THE MOVIE, FILM GEEK? Inquiring minds need to know!

Chris James said...

I bet local media folks think that bloggers are so awesome. :)