Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Seasonal-Affective Pondering

The bah-hum-bugs are lifting:

Sometimes, simple is just fine.

Even in this era of iPods, laptop computers, cell-phones and other digital miracles, bubbles still rock!

Photo by Sean Saguansin (thanks Cara)
The premiere was wonderful, and the story being told was cathartic for the community. Too bad the rest of the country seems not that interested. Check out A Sour Apple Tree for a terrific post on how the flick is faring, and a perspective on how it could be worse.

Associated Press
Former President Ford died this week, and I can't help but think of Chevy Chase. The SNL-guy looked nothing like Ford, but captured something about the man that stuck. To all you future politicos: a "full, free and absolute pardon" might be a nice gesture, but it's a career killer. Don't do it.

I'm no teetotaler. I'm just tired of the holiday stories about Christmas-night bar fights and kids being killed by drunk drivers.

I think the after-Xmas blues have just returned...

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