Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Jerry Waters Show

I've been obsessed with radio since I was a kid. Talk radio, especially. I love the carny-type barking that goes into baiting callers, listening to people who hold opinions so strongly that they believe them to be fact and the pomp-and-circumstance that comes with producing shows in a way that attracts people to listen on a daily basis. I just love the culture of talk radio.

Mostly, though, I love being on talk radio.

Thanks to my friend Jackie, who's blog is called Saved By the Torso, we had the chance to visit the Jerry Waters Show during the Friday broadcast.
Jackie and I met for coffee that morning, and sort of dismissed the notion that Jerry would have us on-air for any real length of time.
Get a polite introduction, then stick around and watch the show being produced. That itself would be wonderful; anything more would be gravy.

Sure, Waters invited us to participate, but clearly a guy running his own show would have too large an ego to let a couple of goofs named The Film Geek and Jackie Lantern be a big part of the goings-on.

Jerry, as it turns out, doesn't have that big an ego. He's a regular guy, who seems to enjoy talking to other regular guys.

And when regular guys weren't available, he didn't mind talking to Jackie and me.

Not only did we discuss blogging (during which we unabashedly plugged
The Hot Dog Blog) local bloggers (I tried to cozy up to fellow progressive Raging Red so that she's add me back to her blogroll) and politics (why didn't someone tell me Waters' audience is made up of neo-cons!?!), Waters invited us to weigh in on other topics he discussed during the show.

Waters' co-host, Pete Thaw, didn't know what "blogging" was. This picture was snapped soon after Jackie explained to him the concept, beginning with technology for which Pete had reference:

Jackie: "Well, Pete, imagine an abacus..."

In this picture (courtesy of Jackie) Pete is contemplating.

Charles live-blogged the event, and posted it on his site The Charlestonian.

Scarlet emailed her well wishes, and chided Jerry for being too negative!

Having morning coffee with Jackie and being on the Jerry Waters Show already made for a terrific day. Friday got even better, though, when Stanton invited us to lunch at Chris', and then picked up the tab. Jerry, his friend Dick and Jerry's sometimes-co-host and producer Andy Albertini tagged along.

Great hot dogs, great conversation and friendly folks. All at a great price!



Anonymous said...

Ego? We don need no stinking egos! ;) It was fun and as I've told anyone who would listen.. come on up!
I'm a lot different in person than on the show. Even though my personality 'might" generate calls, I have to really step it up 10 notches to the point of outrageousness sometimes. Clearly I'm capable of this ;)

Like to get some political bloggers on sometime. That would be a hoot.

By way, I think Film Geek captured Pete at his finest! Our audience is fairly old, because who else could listen at that time of day? Many offices have banned the listening to radio during work hours, and so mostly older people, and those self employed younger folks listen for the most part. However, one group of ALL ages DO listen: The state's politicians! Naturally, they don't call because they already know what I think of them ;)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... who is that pumpkin looking guys reflection in the glass I wonder....

jackie said...

This is a great post about a great day Film Geek!

It's not often I get to meet new friends, hang out, and do a radio show...especially all in the same day!

If "anonymous" lets us come back and do it again I'll be ready for it. My team of writers are already drafting out my talking points and working on my script :D

BTW- I don't know who the "ghost" in the photo is but I think I saw him begging for change at a 7-11 last night...

The Film Geek said...

Hey Jerry, thanks for stopping by. And thanks for making us feel at home. I meant it when I said you were a regular guy who enjoyed regualr folks...that's a high compliment from me. Tells me a lot about character.

I didn't even notice the reflection! I hope no APB's were put out for that guy...:)

I loved Pete! You know, the guy has a curiosity about things that I find refreshing. He was a hoot.

And Jackie...I concur absolutely. You the man! Next time I won't hog the mic!

eclectic guy said...


Too bad I missed this.

Usually I catch Jerry and Pete doing the hometown radio jive.

Chris James said...

Stanton picked up the tab?

You mean Stanton, right?

My combined salary thus far has been one singular hot dog from the Teays Valley DQ.

Man, I need to fire my agent.

Just kidding, Stanton. You can still be my agent.

Hmm, wait a minute...

Raging Red said...

Hey Film Geek -- you're back on the blogroll! I didn't kick you off, I just lost my WV blogroll when I switched to the new Blogger. I've built it back up again. (I'm too lazy to keep a comprehensive WV blogroll like Oncee, though. Mine's pretty much limited to people who comment on my blog or whose blogs I comment on.)

I'm sorry I missed you trying to cozy up to me. Since I hadn't heard of Jerry Waters until this weekend (sorry, Jerry) I didn't hear the show. Too bad he doesn't post audio from past shows on his web site or do a podcast.

The Film Geek said...

Ecletic: It was hilarious. Sorry you missed it!

Chris: I bought a hat. :)

Red: Yes!! Really, I'm not being overly dramatic for no reason. Yours was one of the first blogs I read a year ago, and the first progressive one.

And I wanted to be on it.

Damn, that's kinda whiny, now that I actually type it...

primalscreamx said...

Jerry Waters... where have I heard that name before? Probably not Roger's brother. Anyway, glad you guys had a good field trip. It sounded like a hoot. Sorry I missed the broadcast.