Sunday, February 11, 2007

Nanny McPhee

Cedric Brown has seven ill-behaved children who have chased away a dozen-and-a-half nannies with their disruptive behavior, ill-manners and diabolical schemes.

I have only three children, only one of whom is [possibly] diabolical. Somehow, though, I still identify with the guy.

Recently widowed, Mr. Brown struggles not only with how to parent his children, but also with re-discovering his own direction in life. To make matters worse, his purse-holding Aunt wants him married again within a month. If he isn't, he loses the financial allowence she gives him, and the kids will be seperated.

He's desperate. Enter Emma Thompson as Nanny McPhee to, ultimately, lead the effort to sove all the problems.
Based on the book series Nurse Matilda, Nanny McPhee is a terrific movie about restoring hope with discipline, humor and acceptance. It's also about the importance of personal growth, and how luck and lifestyle can improve with a simple change in perception.

My kids loved the flick, too. Here's what Griffyn (6) had to say:

1. What did you like best about Nanny McPhee?

Answer: "When the Dad and the girl got married! They had a food fight that was funny."

2. Do you wish you had a nanny, like Nanny McPhee?

Answer: "Uh, no. She had a big tooth that came over her lip, and a thing that made noise and magic. She made the kids drink ink."

3. Are you going to be good from now on, so I don't have to hire a Nanny McPhee?

Answer: "I'm always good."

Yep, you are.

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Barbie Girl said...

Nanny McPhee was a good movie. But she scared me a little.