Thursday, April 26, 2007

Flashback! Bad Movies That Haunt Me: Raising Cain

There was no way Raising Cain could miss, I thought. No possible way.

Written and directed by Brian De Palma? Starring versatile actor John Lithgow and boasting a thriller-type plot that centered on child abuse and the effects of psychological trauma? In 1992 Raising Cain was a movie I was jacked up to see.

I mean, c'mon. De Palma! The genius behind Scarface, and Body Double, two of my all-time favorite films. Not to mention Carrie, for god's sake.

I forgot, though, that he was also the mastermind behind duds like Casualties Of War, Wise Guys and Blow Out.

Raising Cain was worse.

It was 90 minutes or so of the most confusing, senseless cinematic jacknuttery I had seen to that point. And perhaps since.

So confusing, in fact, that I can't even describe the plot. All in know is, Lithgow played four characters, "Carter" "Cain" "Dr. Nix" "Josh" and "Margo."

Oh wait, that's five. See? Confusing.

I'm still haunted by it.


Tim said...

Here's one...although I'm not sure that I'm "haunted" by it...or just still stinging from major disappointment

From had all of the makings...fascinating story, great cast and the Hughes brothers as producer/director

Ultimately, though, I was almost in a rage when I left the theatre because I was so disappointed

In retrospect, it may be the point where the Hughes brothers jumped the shark...what have they done of any value since Dead Presidents? Nothing. That and Menace II Society were good movies, but it was all down hill from there't mean to turn this into my personal rant against the Hughes emotion on this is a little out of place, perhaps

Jackie Lantern said...

Was "Raising Cain" the one where Lithgow duct-taped phone books to himself and fought some guy with brooms or curl-bars or something?

The Film Geek said...

Tim: I understand! And, I agree with From Hell. Sigh...

Jackie: I don't recall that, but it's possible I was asleep by then...

Doughnutbuzz said...

I think I saw this flick, but I'm not sure. Most likely, I'm still trying to forget it.

Jackie Lantern said...

Whoa!! I just re-read this post and you called "Blow Out" a dud. Shaame, Film Geek...shaame!

"Blow Out" is classic Depalma. In fact "Blowout" (and "Body Double") are the only two DePalma entries in my Top 50.

Do yourself a favor and watch it again.

The Film Geek said...

I'w with you on Body Double, but I absolutely hated Blow Out. But, that may be a bias I have against Travolta. Tell ya what, I will watch it again since I haven't seen it in 25 or so years, and let you know if I was wrong.