Sunday, April 15, 2007

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Before TMNT:

Griffyn: "Dad, how about Meet The Robinsons instead in engine turtles."

Me: "They're ninja turtles. And we gotta see the turtles. We just gotta."

Griffyn: "Firehouse Dog?"

Me: "Turtles."

Maddisen: "You could let me see Are We Done Yet, while you take the little kids to the super-hero turtle movie."

Me: "No."

Jaden: "Can I get some popcorn now?"

After TMNT:

Me: "Well, what did you think, kids."

Griffyn: "I liked Rapheal best."

Maddisen: "It was pretty good, I was surprised I liked it."

Jaden: "Who would win in a fight: Spider-man, or one of the turtles?"

Me: "I'm guessing you think Spidy."

Jaden: "Yeah. I'd wrap the turtle up in a web."

Me: "May 4th is coming, bud.

1 comment:

Jackie Lantern said...

I loved it, Little Jackie loved it of course, and even my daughter liked it (but not as much as she liked the trailer for Firehouse Dog).

Great review... and I gotta go w/ Spidey too :D