Sunday, April 01, 2007

Transforming The Keith

The Herald-Dispatch, Huntington's local daily newspaper, announced today that David Tyson has been named it's 2006 Citizen Of The Year.

(Someday I'm gonna have to nominate myself for that award. No one else seems to think of me during the nominations period.)

The honor was awarded Tyson for his efforts in transforming the Keith-Albee, the former cinema built in 1928, into a performing arts venue. Crews have removed the dividers that separated the theater into three separate facilities, revamped the Green Room where performers await cues to enter the stage and added new carpet. Some additional work is needed before the transformation is considered complete.

I'm happy that Tyson--who is considered a go-to guy in Huntington--is leading the efforts, and I'm ecstatic the Keith will continue to be used as a venue for cultural and entertainment experiences.

I was, however, annoyed with one quote used in the story. This, from Penny Watkins, the Executive Director of the Marshall Artists Series:

"David is one of the few people I've met in Huntington who genuinely cares about the quality of life in this community. If he sees a need and signs on to address that need, he goes at it full steam ahead."

One of the few who cares about quality of life in the city?

She needs to get out more.


Donutbuzz said...

You've got my nomination next year, Film Geek.


The Film Geek said...

Hey, Hoyt. I'll keep you to that! :)

Chris James said...

While that was indeed something of a thoughtless comment, I can perhaps offer something of an explanation.

People involved in non-profit work have to devote 110% to getting the word out about their group or organization's excellent work that they sometimes get blinders to the other good deeds of the community. She may only notice the work done with the Marshall Artist Series/Keith-Albee (BTW, I'm still waiting for them to bring in Chuck Norris)just as someone from Hospice or the homeless shelter may only particularly notice the work that they do.

But yea, you gotta watch what you say to the media and try to keep something of a relativist perspective somewhere in your noggin.

The Film Geek said...

Agreed, Chris. Of course, when people only pay attention to their niche or interest, they then easily fall into the "people who don't really care" category for everyone else.

Kelly said...

You've got my nomination for the next Bachelor!

Johnny said...

Nice that the Keith is being kept alive! I've seen too many historic buildings torn down in the short time I've lived in Parkersburg.

Thanks for the link as well!


The Film Geek said...

Sure thing, Johnny. I really enjoyed your site. Be sure and stop by again.

Also, check out the WV Bloggers Message Board when you get a chance.

twolaneforlife said...

Or, maybe the people who care about the quality of life in the city need to get out more....


The Film Geek said...

I dunno Twolane: I'm gonna hazard a guess that the woman didn't attend the community meeting held last month regarding the problems with crim and drugs moving into the South Side area, hasn't attended a city council meeting or spoken out about the political problemss going on. Those are quality of life issues as much as art.