Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Because I'm That Cheap

Disney has great theme parks, cool urban legends about the frozen head of Uncle Walt and it's super-friendly.

Apparently, though, the theme park can't make it financially without charging ten bucks a day for Internet connection.

So, I'll be back July 2.


Chris James said...

I hear that the "Its a small world" water is pure LSD.

All Click said...

Watch it Chris...Disney will ban you for saying less than that :-p

primalscreamx said...

If you'd like, I could blog my vision of your trip to the house of Mouse. It would kill two birds with one stone. First, I could pretend to be on vacation and second, well... I guess it would just be all for me.

JDB said...

You thought Disney wouldn't charge you an arm and a leg for some service? BUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Jim said...

Hey we're @ Disney this week too. Jake was inducted into the Jedi Academy on Tuesday and part of Jack Sparrow's crew today (Wednesday).

I prefer $10 bucks for Internet to the cost of some of the other things here, although the meal plan definitely rocks.

We're at Coronado Springs btw. Not that your cheap ass will read this before you get back to Huntington though. ;->