Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Flashback! Bad Movies That Haunt Me: Trilogy Of Terror

There are more than a couple movies from the 1970s that, although the acting and the production was bad, still managed to scare the bejeezus out of this ten-year-old geek.

After all, I am rather a sissy. (As evidenced by my odd use of the word "rather" in that sentence.)

Satan's Triangle, a film starring Kim Novak, caused me nightmares into my 20s, long after I'd forgotten the flick's title. Salem's Lot--the original, not the Rob Lowe afterthought--was scary as hell. But one movie from the mid-70s was worse than them all. One flick was so frightful and terrible that, despite being poorly produced, it made me cry when I went to bed that night after watching it.

Trilogy Of Terror, sometimes titled Terror Of The Doll, starred Karen Black as the lead in three vignettes . The first two I can't recall at all; I'm sure they were fine tales, but for me they were secondary to the final story of a Zuni fetish doll that comes to life. The vignette, titled Amelia, was a one-actor play produced way before the time of Chucky and great special effects.

The effects were awful, the story was pretty lame and the plot was unbelievable.

But I nearly peed in my pants! Here's why:

I'm still haunted by it.

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JDB said...

Wow, that might even be worse than Basket Case, but I'm not sure.