Sunday, November 11, 2007


After their car breaks down during the night on an isolated highway, married couple David and Amy Fox hike it back to a roadside motel to get a few hours sleep while they wait for a tow truck.

They wish they hadn't.

Vacancy is a horror/thriller flick that starts fast and stays intense. After checking into the motel, the couple quickly discover the place is actually a set-up for the filming of real-life snuff films. Three men play cat and mouse with the Fox's through most of the night, filming along the way so that footage can be edited into fetish films sold via the Internet. Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale, the married couple, try to stay alive by staying one step ahead of the killers.

For a modern thriller, Vacancy is markedly bloodless, which made it more enjoyable for me. The flick scared me through anticipation and suspense, keeping the most violent scenes just off camera.

I think I diverted my eyes only once.

Mrs. Film Geek--a horror and thriller fan--didn't care for the movie. I really liked it.

Go figure.

Let me know which one of us is right.


All Click said...

Your right TFG. I really enjoyed this movie. It was creepy, has suspence and wouldn't let up!

Heather Porterfield said...

I appreciate scariness kept off camera. Much like the Psycho shower scene (that scarred me for life) where only the blood in the water was shown, no actual stabbing. I must also thank you for the link. Had I known about it earlier (I am techno-retarded) I would have linked you sooner.

The Film Geek said...

Hi Heather. Your welcome for the link. Hope you stop by often.