Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Marsh

Gabrielle Anwar is Clair Holloway, a successful author of children's books. Holloway has increasingly disturbing visions of a very young girl--sort of like in The Ring--walking through (or being stalked through) a marsh-like setting. The distress of what she keeps seeing causes Halloway to seek out and stay at the South Carolina farm house which serves as a backdrop for her visions.

Or are they really memories?

The Marsh co-stars Forest Whitaker as an investigator of the paranormal. But even his terrific acting ability can't save this The Ring-inspired flick. It's predictable, poorly paced, unbelievable and anti-climactic.

One of the strangest aspects of this movie is something that really makes most horror flicks unbelievable to me: when Holloway meets up with an evil ghost in the isolated and creepy farm house late at night, it attacks her. Then, after the ghost leaves, Holloway lies down to sleep, and continues to stay in the house for several more days.

My ass would have been in a Holiday Inn three towns away within an hour of even thinking I saw a freakin' ghost.

My grandma mourned the death of her husband, my grandfather, for the full 15 years or so she lived after he died. She used to say: "If only I could see him one more time. Visit with him, or touch him once more."

She had a strange sense of humor, and always appreciated mine. After she'd say that, I'd reply: "Seriously, Mama, I loved him too. But if he shows up beside my bedside tonight, he's either a ghost or a zombie, and both of those scare me to death. I'll pass on the seeing-him-one-more-time thing."

She always laughed.

But I was serious.

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