Friday, January 04, 2008

By The Numbers

82 ~ Number of stair- steps necessary to travel over in order to get to my office door

1 ~ Number of elevator buttons pushed today to allow me to reach my office floor

8 ~ Inches of hair recently trimmed from my head

0 ~ Percentage to which this haircut added to my "hotness quotient"

1.5 ~ My general mood on a 1-5 scale, (with 5 being "Excellent,") during the West Virginia Uglies.

11 ~ Number of deaths due to heroin use in my hometown in 2007

0 ~ Number of suspects in a current murder investigation in my hometown

20 ~ Consecutive days that WVU football and it's coaches have lead off the local news

24 ~ Number of movies I resolve to see in the theater in 2008


Buzzardbilly said...

Well at least the WVU football headlines should be dying down now.

Wow. Eleven deaths due to heroin use. That's sad.

Zero suspects is sad too. Especially since that means whoever did it is still out there probably ticking like a time bomb.

The Film Geek said...

There is something wrong with news when the lead-in is the WVU-Coach-Is-Leaving story, then after the break they get to the Marshall student who has been killed.

Heroin use has exploded in Huntington, and there seems to be a bad batch of smack out there killing people. It's a shame.

Buzzardbilly said...

Yes, both of those are a dirty rotten shame. First off, anybody who's had even one Journalism class can tell you that they should have previewed the WVU (to keep the sports guys who are not the greatest at staying on local news) then led with the Marshall student story.

Heroin, I totally do not get. Totally. I'm shocked.

Jackie said...

8 inches?!?! I hope some Locks-O-Love kid is digging that right about now :D

You wanna bring your "hottness quotient" out of the red? I've got one word for ya: "Full Beard ala Kurt Russell in The Thing" Okay, eight words... :D

The Film Geek said...

Hey, Jackie! That sounds like the expert advice of experience. I did start a full beard the day after trimming the mane, but so far I don't have the manly ability to get it looking like it should. It might not last long...

jennyville said...

There's no way your haircut didn't increase your hotness quotient. I'm going to have to go ahead and disagree with you there. At least until you prove me wrong, anyway.

Suzy said...

You're so weird, Geek!

The Film Geek said...


I'll take that as a compliment.

All Click said...

Dude, 8 inches??

Was it something i said?