Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tip Jar

Evil Twin's Wife's blog, The Glamorous Life Of A Hausfrau, is a terrific read, even though I don't know what the hell a Hausfrau is. (I was never very good at Espanol.)

I mean, I got me some guesses. But I'm a-guessing those are wrong.

Recently, Evil Twin's Wife (if you have noticed, I have a bit of an obsession over never using abbreviations, and always capitalizing all words in a title. I know both are wrong, but that's the way I roll, man) placed me on a list of bloggers she enjoys reading. The "A Roar For Powerful Words" list. The gig is accompanied by the obligation to provide three tips on blogging, and bestow the award to five other bloggers.

Now, you and I both realize that I know very damn little about blogging. And provide tips on the topic? I still use a Model-T crank to start up the Internet, folks. Blogging is like magic to me, still. So, with that disclaimer, here I go:

Tip #1: Work blue when you want to.

I rarely work blue, but goddamn it I'll fuckin' do it when I please. My junior high principal, George Bailey, once commented during an assembly that profanity simply exposed the speaker's poor vocabulary.

I recall thinking he was a goddamned pretentious snob who couldn't find his ass if he had to. But, that was me thinking with an 8th grader's vocabulary. Now, I'd say he wasn't diverse in his thinking.

It's your blog, curse if you want to.

Tip #2: Write for you.

I know bloggers who write for an audience. Unless I'm getting paid for it, that's just not for me. Enough said.

Tip #3: Don't ever let blogging interfere with your family time.

Sure, blogging can interfere with work and school all you want, those things aren't that important. But let it interfere with your family once, and it's a major mistake.

I've done it. I know.

ETW, Hoyt and Buzzardbilly have handed this award out to many of the West Virginia bloggers that I know well, already tagging them for this award. So, five folks I've not seen tagged who deserve some recognition are:

All Click, No Point: All Click has a terrific sense of humour, and a lively British wit. He's also become a good friend over the past year or so. His blog is always entertaining.

Blog! The Musical: No doubt Spike will make fun of me for adding him to this list. But his podcast blog is highly entertaining, very smart and something everyone should check out as often as possible. The bloke posts too infrequently, but I think that's because it takes him so long to actually come up with material. [ahem]

Fried Rice Thoughts: Ian Casselberry's blog was one of the first I read when I started trying to figure out how to do this hobby. He probably doesn't realize how much I learned from his stuff. He's a terrific writer, and his blog is a must read for me.

J And C And Me: One of the most honest, genuine and funny blogs in the state.

The Charlestonian: Charles--if that is his real name--reminds me of that guy at a party who stands in the corner watching all the other party goers, who then remembers everything he saw and comments about it in detail the next day. He seems familiar to me, because I'm usually in the opposite corner, watching the same folks. Charles writes in a way that always entertains me. I just wish (a) he's post more often, and (b) he'd add me to his list of links.

UPDATE: When I realized I wanted this posted on Wednesday but accidentally posted it on Tuesday, I just had to change it. (The obsession thing, again.) That was after Charles commented. So, I pasted his comment in the Comments section myself. Sorry, Charles.


The Film Geek said...

Charles commented:

"Thank you for the kind words. I have been posting more lately, and I have added you to my blogroll.

And what do you mean, "if that is his real name?" You mean your real name isn't The Film Geek? No wonder I couldn't find you in the phone book!"

Charles said...

Thank you for the kind words. I have been posting more lately, and I have added you to my blogroll.

And what do you mean, "if that is his real name?" You mean your real name isn't The Film Geek? No wonder I couldn't find you in the phone book!

The Film Geek said...

Ah, all is right in the world! Thanks.

Thanks for the link. And, I'm listed in the book, under "clown."

jedijawa said...

Good choices for your tags Film Geek!

Ian C. said...

Wow - thanks for the tag and the phenomenally kind words. The idea that anyone could've learned something about blogging from me is hugely flattering. Maybe that's why I enjoy reading your stuff so much. :)

I'd better make sure I keep posting regularly over at FRT.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Ha ha. I think you're just kidding about the hausfrau thing - but it means housewife just in case you really don't know. Silly!

Stanton said...

I've watched this award being passed around to all of the A-list bloggers, waiting for someone to show some love to the former media darlings at WV Hot Dog Blog. But alas, I guess the fairy tale is over. [sniff]

No pity tagging allowed.

The Film Geek said...

Ian: It's true, man. And do post more on FRT. Especially the 4 sentence movie reviews!

ETW: :*

Stanton: You're still the King Of Media Darlings with me! And you got a shelf full of awards and trophies to back it up! :)

All Click said...

Thank you for the incredibly kind words and having me first on the list! Tis high praise indeed. So now despite my post praising 5 other bloggers already, I need to nominate 5 more for this award? Man...I better start reading some new blogs!

Rebecca said...

WOW!!! Thank you so much! I'm almost ashamed that I'm just now finding this post...I've fallen so behind on reading other's blogs. I'm going to keep up now, promise!