Thursday, March 06, 2008

Five Things I Know For Sure: Part 2

With almost sincere apologies to my spiritual advisor, Oprah.

1.Ear-rings on men are no longer statements of protest. Now they've become accessories, designed to get a guy laid. And that's why I'll stop wearing mine.

Back when I pierced my left ear, I did it to demonstrate a personal evolution. Once in a while I'd wear a small hoop ring, but almost all the time I wore a simple stud. It wasn't the jewelry that was important anyway; the bling mattered much, much less than the meaning the piercing held for me.

2. The West Virginia state legislature is working on amendments to the Human Rights and Fair Housing Acts that would prohibit employment and housing discrimination against homosexuals. Many citizens and some state politicians cite religious belief as the basis for their aggressive stance
against the proposal.

If Jesus was the manager of the Cracker Barrel, I doubt strongly that he'd ask an applicant if he or she was gay prior to making a decision about hiring that individual (which is currently a possible and legal scenario in this state). Although it's presumptuous to attempt to speak for any deity--real, or otherwise-- I can't help but expect Jesus would look mostly for honesty, dependability and job skills during the interview.

3. Chuck Taylor's rock!

The John Lennon Peace Chuck Taylor's, which I get to wear too rarely but have on today, rock even more!

4. Scheduled days off aren't really that when you have to go into the office for a couple of hours.

5. Brett Favre, the newly retired football player, was never as good as his reputation. A handful of terrific seasons during a 17-year career gets him in the "Top 10 QB's Of All Time" debate, for sure. But the best ever?

Nope. Too inconsistent, and too reckless with the pass.


Chris James said...

If Zoroaster owned rental property in Huntington, I bet he wouldn't give a rat's ass where his tennant put his or her junk as long as they paid the rent on time and didn't set the place on fire.

jennyville said...

1. It really depends on the guy and the earring. I've seen some that were just hysterically lame, and some that would definitely get that guy laid. By me. Stat.

Any type of gem - especially those big diamonds that rappers are so fond of - look incredibly ridiculous on a man. Seriously, who thought that was a good idea? And did they have full use of their eyes at the time?

Those small (and I stress small) metal hoops, though, are hot.

Like that, kinda.

2. At the rate the legislature is going, I don't even want to know what's coming out of there next... because it'll probably be a ritual sacrifice.


Marc said...

I hear ya, Chris.

Jenny: My earrign thought came to me last night as I stood in line behind a 20-something kid at a convienance store. I was paying for gas, he was buying beer and decked out in bling like nobody's business. I felt embarrassed for him, then for me. So, mine's gone (for a while, anyway).

JDB said...

Re: Farve - Amen, brother! 'course, I'm a Vikings fan, so I might be a bit biased.

Re: Jesus @ Cracker Barrel - if that doesn't cry out for a Family Guy style cutaway, I don't know what does.

Jackie said...

1. Ha!

2. Sounds like legislating "feelings" to me. But I'm the guy who thinks rental property is a business and the owner should be able to rent to whoever they want. But that's just me.

3. Word.

4. Agreed. Unless you're going there to duct tape pieces of fish to the back of someones desk.

5. Blasphemy! Farve is a God among men. You should be ashamed The, ashamed!!

Hoyt said...

Maybe we can get the earrings to be a sign of protest again--you know, against all the legislature's drivel? I mean, what else is there really to do when your delegate votes against the pay raise but then doesn't support the fair housing amendment?

The Film Geek said...

JDB: The cutaway suggestion is hilarious!

Jackie: See, the earring was so small you didn't even notice it. Or, the long greasy hair covered it up, maybe. :) And I hear you about #2. I wish I had faith in our socity that people could interact and conduct business without pettiness and bias. But, the last time government stayed out of who business owners did or did not have to serve, there were lots of "White's Only" signs in store windows. I think in a society where the majority of power is held by one particular group and wealth is so uneven, the government needs to step in with fairness laws.

Hoyt: Now that's an idea!

primalscreamx said...

What about pierced eyebrows? I'm sort of considering getting my eyebrow done. I've never been one for tattoos, but putting holes in my body is ok.

The Film Geek said...

I considered multi-ear holes, but the eyebrow thing ain't for me. Take a picture, though. I wanna see it if you do it.

jedijawa said...

Come on man ... you know your ear ring is all about George Michael.

Good point on the whole WWJD thing with discrimination. When they had the 50th anniversary of the desegregation of schools several years ago I remember hearing audio clips of people talking about how it was against God's will to have whites and coloreds mixing and thought how much those arguments sounded like the same things that people say about homosexuality today where it is still vogue, in much of the country today, to say so.

Anonymous said...

The shoes rock. Must have.