Sunday, April 06, 2008

Charlton Heston

October 4, 1924 - April 5, 2008

Whether you loved Heston (who starred in some of the most important movies of the 20th century) or disliked him (because of his politics, or because maybe he sometimes over-acted), there is no denying his iconic legacy in the development of film during the last 50 years.


fishing guy said...

TFG: I certainly agree with this post. Whether it was playing Moses or escaping from the apes his movies were always spectacular. His legacy will live on.

Jackie said...

I'm really sad about this.

When "actors" die I usually don't give a crap because hell, I just know 'em through their jobs. But I feel like I grew up with Charlton Heston. Sadly, I'm probably closer to him than I am to some (okay, alot) of my family.

On the bright side, now God has somebody to hang out with :D

Elvis Drinkmo said...

I really like Planet of the Apes. Was Omega Man any good, Film Geek? Or have you seen it?

eclectic guy said...

Today on the news they talked about his "serious" roles as Moses or Ben Hur. But I dug Planet of the Apes and Omega Man

Anonymous said...

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