Sunday, May 04, 2008

Iron Man

I admit I was skeptical.

When I heard the news that Iron Man was going to the big screen, I smirked. I dig character driven super-hero flicks--Batman Begins and The X-Men flicks are my faves-- but I despise movies that rely too heavily on special effects to tell a story.

You know what I mean: you saw Hulk too, didn't ya?


So when Iron Man went into production, I scoffed. And the reason I scoffed was that I expected this:




I was more hopeful when I saw Robert Downey, Jr. was to star as Tony Stark. He can play conflicted really well, so the casting seemed right. But still, I was skeptical: I predicted it would make $100 million, but would be on par with Daredevil, Elektra or Superman Returns. A major disappointment.

Huh uh...

I was wrong.

The "clunk" and "silly" I expected never happened. In fact, this is what I got instead:




Robert Downey, Jr. is a big reason Iron Man works so well. His Tony Stark is materialistic, greedy and obsessive, but still is able to connect with the audience a sense of vulnerability and realism. Downey makes this movie work as much as--and maybe more than--the incredible effects.

I knew this movie was special when Mrs. Film Geek called her friend later that night and, when her friend asked her what movie she had seen, began talking about the flick with the kind of excitement and geeky enthusiasm that the makers of Hulk could only wish for.


Steve said...

I am not a comic book guy for the most part and had never heard of Iron Man before the previews to this movie. I almost didn't even go see it, but the good reviews by the critics made me decide to give it a chance. I was NOT disappointed. It was fantastic. I wrote a whole review too. Check it out at our site, to see it.

Elvis Drinkmo said...


I'm going to have to break with my DC Comics fundamentalist ways and check this one out.

Jackie said...


I knew this would be badass! I love me some Iron Man....alot. I can't wait to see it and I'll pass along your review to the missus.

Thanks The!!!

fishing guy said...

TFG: I'll have to try to catch this one on your recomendation.

This is funny, how can the password be 'heymex' on Cinco De Mayo?

The Film Geek said...

Steve: Glad you're a convert. I enjoyed your blog, too.

Elvis and Jackie: Swear to god, this movie is much more than just a super hero movie, mostly due to Downey. I think Kristy loved Stark's swagger most, but he really connects with the audience.

The Film Geek said...

TFG: It rocks!

Elvis Drinkmo said...

I hear ya, Film Geek. If I can talk the Mrs. Reverend Drinkmo into leaving the house this weekend- maybe we'll go see it.

But, of course, you all do realize that this movie ain't gonna be shit when the new Batman movie comes out. ;)

There's a countdown going on over at All Click's blog for the new movie's release date and if I had my way about that day would be a national holiday so everyone could spend some quality family time in the theaters watching the Bat kick some supervillain ass.