Monday, July 14, 2008

Film Scenes That Matter: To Kill A Mockingbird

This scene should be a primer for law school students.

"In the name of God, do your duty."


JDB said...

As a public defender I am, of course, required by law to note the influence of To Kill a Mockingbird has had on my life. It is quite an inspiration to folks like us. Having said that, Atticus still lost - he should have used the Chewbacca Defense, or something.

It's also a rare example of a great book made into a great (perhaps even better) movie.

Chris James said...

Liberals, take note.

Harper Lee (or maybe Truman Capote, according to some literary conspiracy theorists) knew how to make us look at our own prejudices and say "that ain't right."

This should be a reminder to bloggers that berating and brow-beating belittling everyday folk = 2 McCain appointments to the SCOTUS. Instead, make 'em think.

Same goes for Tories. Do you really want to win this on the whole "I hear he is a Muslim" thing? McCain is capable of beating Obama in a fair fight if he (and y'all) do it right.