Thursday, July 10, 2008


I dig my heroes anti, so Will Smith's Hancock appealed to me the minute I first saw the trailer. A fan of Peter Berg's since Very Bad Things, I expected the dialogue to be tight and the scenes to emphasize the base humanity of the superhero.

In that regard, Hancock didn't disappoint. The dialogue and super-powered gags were the best part of the flick, along with Smith's ability to evolve his character from an unlikable bum to a sympathetic and endearing personality. In addition, Jason Bateman continues to out-do himself in recent flicks; his Ray Embrey may have been the best developed character in the movie.

Much has been made of the plot twist involving Charlize Theron. Although I won't discuss what the twist is here, I will say I thought it was unnecessary, and even detrimental to the film. I understand how the twist was used to explain Hancock's past and powers, but I prefered not knowing. I also preferred Hancock flawed, which he wasn't after the plot twist was uncovered.

Although the movie was entertaining throughout, I thought it's potential was greater than the final product.


Hoyt said...

Man, I really need to get out and see some of these movies you've been digging. And I think this Friday might just be the time for some serious "Hooky at the Movies." 8)

The Film Geek said...

I wish I was there to hookey with you! But, alas...I'm in Orlando.

Read Me said...

Sometimes plot twists are thrown in just for the sake of plot twists. That's when it disappoints horribly. "Employee of the Month" with Matt Dillon and "Wanted" are prime examples. The plot twists just seemed to be gratuitous and done by laying it out all at once, without giving the audience a chance to figure it out. A plot twist has to be artful in order for it to work, like in Fight Club.

Chris James said...

Roger Ebert once said that, rather than remaking already-perfect classics, studios should re-do great ideas/concepts/novels that, for one reason or another, fell flat on the screen.

Maybe someday they can take a crack at this again.